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Vulcan Sim Racing Weekly – Edition #8: Team Expansion

What a week in the world of Vulcan! Lots of changes and exciting action to look forward to reading about, so let’s get it on!

We had two new additions to the Vulcan academy this week: TCR specialist Rob Sutherland and setup guru Jason Hodgson. Both join Mick Anderson and James Boniface in the ever growing Vulcan academy, with all four drivers showing promising signs for what’s to come. Everyone at Vulcan wishes Jason and Rob a warm welcome to the team.

In league races this week, Mo Janko unleashed his Audi R8 in WGTC, achieving two top 15 overall finishes at Imola. In CXR at Road America, Luke McKeown finished P4 after catching a slide across the grass, and Dom Forster came home P11, both picking up some decent points. However, Callam Brant, who had made a valiant effort to drive despite being ill, spun and crashed hard at the Kink from P6 which ultimately ended his race. Paul King made his league debut in the Backfire Simsport TV GT4/TCR Challenge at Road Atlanta. After fighting all the way up to P3, he finished the race in P8, but showed good pace and was a mighty return back to the Audi TCR. Round 4 of ERO also took place this week, with Mo, Adam Gladden and James Boniface the drivers for the 8 hours of Sebring. Mo performed a superb quad stint, spending four hours behind the wheel and keeping the team in P3 in class. When Adam jumped in next, he equally put in a great effort to drive his two hours in VR, it being the first endurance race in VR for him. From there, James finished the race off with impressive consistency and awareness to bring the car back in P6 in class.

In official endurance racing, Steven Leahy and Dom Forster raced on Saturday in the VRS endurance at Interlagos, which ended after only three turns; tangling up in one of many lap one incidents. They continued on though, and through DQs and other crashes, they got back P36 at the end from P48 after the repairs, showing why it’s important to not give up! Going by this mantra was Mo and Lucas as they raced their way around Road America in the iELMS series. After sustaining critical damage from a clash with the barriers early on and repairs in the pits, the duo, driving the Dallara P217 LMP2, managed to string a group of excellent stints coming home to P3, after being P20 and far back not five hours previously; never give up! Luke and Steven Leahy also put in a stellar performance in a superhumanly quick top split VRS endurance coming home P16. Fantastic results boys!

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