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Vulcan Sim Racing Weekly – Edition #5: Week 14 Shenanigans

Welcome back to Vulcan Sim Racing Weekly, you know who I am and what I’m here to do, so let’s get into this!

Week 14 was a rather quiet week in the world of Vulcan, with few league races taking place and not many officials to take part in. With the lack of officials, Vulcan hosted a team bonding fun race night on Thursday evening! Comprising of three 20 minute races, it gave the team a chance to try the new cars and revisit some old legacy cars. Race one was a chance for the team to try out the new LMP2, with a race around Spa which was won by Lucas Adam in the LMP2s after Mo Janko failed to leave a space on the Kemmel straight. Meanwhile, in the GTE class, Dom Forster won in the Ferrari 488 after Tom Male failed to put enough fuel in his car, running out one lap short. Race two was in the legacy supercars at Laguna Seca which with race three at Charlotte with the indycars was plain carnage. All said and done, it was a thoroughly fun night which was enjoyed by all.

In academy news, the quick James Boniface was introduced into the academy this week! A former AOR GT league winner, he is a very experienced driver and will be a great addition to Vulcan for sure!

In league racing this week, Mo Janko put in a string of good finishes at Nurburgring in WGTC and despite his Monza woes sits P7 in the championship, 80 points off lead driver Adam Watson.

Week 14 was also a time to decide on series to run in the new season. Many of the drivers who bought the new LMP2 will be racing it in iLMS and iELMS while others will be taking part in the VRS Endurance series and the final VLN race of this year. Also coming up this week, the CXR league will be commencing, with three Vulcan drivers taking to the track; Luke McKeown, Callam Brant and Dom Forster, and as a final treat, expect the newest of the Vulcan fleet to get a fresh coat sometime next week. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

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