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Vulcan Sim Racing Weekly – Edition #3: Sunset Rollercoaster

Welcome to Vulcan Sim Racing Weekly, you probably know who I am and what I’m here to write about, so let’s jump right into it!

As some keen-eyed followers might have noticed, we have a new logo! This is part 1 of our rebranding phase here at Vulcan, so expect to be seeing this fresh print on our cars very, very soon.

The new logo will become a part of Vulcan’s brand new livery, which will be first appearing on the BMW Z4 GT3 and Ferrari 488 GT3 prior to the beginning of the CXR US Championship, starting on the 16th of September at Laguna Seca. Talking about which, Vulcan is planning on having a big presence in the CXR league with 4 team members, Davide Fashole, Luke McKeown, Callam Brant, and Dom Forster all bearing the Vulcan name in this highly competitive league.

While on the topic of CXR, Dom Forster was busy wrapping up the season at Imola and after qualifying 9th, his internet went and a pit lane start was all that came of that situation, though a valiant drive only saw him get P21 in the race. However, luck was more on his side in the SRW EVO League surging up to P7 but he was cruelly taken out on lap 13 dropping him down 7 places, but a good recovery drive followed and he finished P10. Mo Janko in the WGTC Endurance race at Daytona was running well until lap 4, where he was involved in an unlucky incident at the bus stop chicane which dropped him to the back for the rest of the race.

In the world of endurance racing, preparation for ERO at Le Mans was in full swing once again as the strong driver lineup was announced, consisting of Lucas Adam, Luke McKeown, Callam Brant and Mo Janko. A very strong team lines up for this round as Vulcan push for top 5 in the PRO championship.

Finally, Tom Male, Lucas Adam and Mo Janko raced in the iELMS 6hrs of Sebring, in the last official endurance to feature the HPDs. Mo qualified well and was up to P3 before he was taken out by a crazy LMP2 driver, dropping him to P26. By the end of his stint he was up to P9 but when Tom jumped in the car a murder by a Ferrari and insane bouts of netcode put the team back down to P14. Nonetheless, a dominant rest of stint and impressive fuel saving by Lucas put us in a spot to challenge for P7. However, a final twist in the tale, when being passed by a faster car, Lucas forgot which button was the headlight flash and which button was the pit limiter. Needless to say, 2 seconds later he had spun and lost 5 seconds. He could still recover though, and during a feisty battle with P8 he crunched the wall, giving the team required repairs. Risking a DQ for finishing with required repairs, we crossed the line P8 and… no DQ! It was one hell of a ride!

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