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Vulcan Sim Racing Weekly: Edition #16 – 2021 Here We Come!

Welcome to Vulcan Sim Racing weekly! The first edition of the new year, and some major changes in and around the team have taken place. Let’s get into it.

First of all, two rounds of CXR commenced; round 6 at Interlagos and round 7 at Spa. A good qualifying from Luke McKeown, Callam Brant, Mo Janko and Joel Evans at Interlagos put all four in a promising position to take to the podium. A furious, thrilling battle between all four and 3 other drivers for 2nd place resulted in an unfortunate spin for Mo and some moves to relish for Joel and Luke who respectively finished 4th and 3rd with Callam coming home 8th and Mo 13th. An amazing comeback drive from Dominik Forster saw him claim 12th place through traffic, spins, the whole lot! 

At Spa, it was looking like a race to win for championship runner up, Luke McKeown, and with championship leader Peter Smith out of the points, it gave him a chance to take the lead. Unfortunately, an iRacing glitch caused him to lose precious time in the pits and he had to settle for 2nd. Mo Janko led a strong race to come home 3rd, with Joel Evans finishing just behind in 6th. Callam Brant received damage early on from a multi-car shunt at the bus stop chicane and finished 12th, ahead of Dominik Forster in 13th.

The first endurance race of 2021 was the EES 6hrs of Road Atlanta where Dominik Forster and I rolled out the Vulcan Corvette for its first endurance race. However, only 50 minutes into the race, my computer crashed, promptly sending us to the back in 23rd and last place; over 30 seconds behind 22nd. Unfazed by this, Dom ploughed on, keeping the car on the road and managing traffic well. After 4 hours and setting the timing charts on fire with fresh rubber, we had managed to climb up to 11th. By the time darkness set in, a composed head was all that was needed to guide the car home to an incredible 5th place, an awesome comeback drive.

Finally, two drivers departed Vulcan since the new year; Jason Hodgson and Steve Norman. Jason was a compelling driver, being both consistent and safe in endurances and incredibly handy on the technical side. Steve had been at Vulcan right from the start and had a big say in how the early team was run and was quite a character in the paddock but nonetheless a fantastic endurance driver. Good luck to both from all at Vulcan!

  • steven norman
    January 11, 2021

    Thanks for the mention 👍 I miss you guys already😥 and great comeback drive at road Atlanta 🖖🏻🖖🏻

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