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Vulcan Sim Racing Weekly: Edition #14 – Pushed For Luck

Welcome to Vulcan Sim Racing Weekly! A tough week was experienced by all this week, but in the world of Vulcan, we move forwards throughout any adversity. 

First of all, in CXR this week, the team took to Suzuka! A tricky track to master in practice foreshadowed the tough race ahead, all six drivers experiencing difficulty but making it though. Mo Janko, in the Audi R8 GT3, took an early exit when he was squeezed at Spoon Curve and sent spinning into the barriers, ending his race. Luke McKeown was equally hard pushed for luck, gifted a drive-through penalty for contact at 130R, dropping him to 17th but eventually finishing 12th from a great comeback effort. Also with a great comeback effort was Callam Brant, coming back from a low qualifying and a spin to finish 8th, just behind Joel Evans, who brilliantly managed to drive his battered BMW Z4 GT3 10 minutes to the end, defending his 6th place heroically and scooping up driver of the day in the process. Down in 17th and 18th (but still picking up points) were Dominik Forster and Mick Anderson who both struggled with on track calamities, including a near-miss with an upturned Ferrari at the Casio Triangle but pushed on to finish in the end.

In the ARL-GT Championship at Spa, it was another race of misfortune for two of the teams. Vulcan Sim Racing sat at the start of the weekend in 3rd in the championship, fell back to 10th after a 7th place qualifying but Luke McKeown managed to fight his way back to 6th place, making quick work of some of the best drivers in the league. But only a few laps after Mo Janko jumped in the car, once the pit stop phase ended, he tried to pass a lapped car at Blanchimont but was pushed off the track and clouted the barriers, dropping them to 13th and finishing 12th, ending their championship hopes. Another team with an unfortunate race was Vulcan Sim Racing White, running in the AM class in the BMW M8. Lap one carnage at the bus stop sent them right to the back of the grid, and after having taken repairs, were down in 43rd place. It didn’t get much better as after Jason Hodgson jumped in the car to finish the race, he suffered a power cut, and with the car more than two laps behind, they took an early exit. Vulcan Sim Racing Black had a more pleasing race, finishing 26th from starting in the pits, hailing some clean drives from Joel Evans and Mick Anderson to keep the car out of trouble. 

Finally, the team took to iELMS at Spa on Saturday and Sunday. Two teams took part on Saturday evening: Vulcan Sim Racing composed of Mick Anderson and Joel Evans and Vulcan Sim Racing Black consisting of me and Daniel Kovacs (third driver Dominik Forster unable to attend due to technical issues). VSR had a turbulent qualifying, starting towards the rear of the GTE grid, but managed to keep their heads up and their spirits high to aim for a 4th place finish. However, with just an hour left, they lost precious time trying to coast their Porsche to the pit box having run out of fuel. They eventually finished 7th, a decent result nonetheless. It wasn’t as pretty for VSR Black, who sustained top speed impacting damage on lap 1 and was swallowed up, falling from 5th to 10th in 10 laps. Clipping a kerb on the final lap of my stint, I was sent into the path of a fellow Porsche and sustained further aero damage. Further calamities followed, with Daniel involved in a number of incidents to the point of an undrivable car down in last place. Despite my best efforts to continue on for the final 2 and a half hours, the car soon became a danger to other cars and retiring was the only solution. As if the team’s bad luck hadn’t been rinsed enough, Luke Pennington and Lucas Adam had their Sunday race ended after 15 corners when battling for the lead in their Dallara P217, a spinning car rammed into the side of them, causing irreparable damage and ending their race.

As ever, in the world of Vulcan, the only way is to move forwards and on from weeks like this, picking up some lessons on the way! And with that, we’ll see you in two weeks in the new iRacing season well underway. 

  • Steven Leahy
    December 7, 2020

    Always Forward 🖖🏻

    Nice post Tom

  • Mick Anderson
    December 7, 2020

    Nice Post Tom! Move onto to next challange and it will come to together soon for us! Vulcan spirit

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